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Founded in 2017, Gold Coast Force Futsal strives to be the pinnacle of Australian Futsal Clubs buy developing it's players from a young age and guiding them through different tiers all the way to our Mens & Womens first teams. 


The Gold Coast Force Mens was founded and created in 2017 to enter the QLD Superliga League and to further represent QLD at the National titles and winning becoming QLD first ever futsal national club champions.

In 2019 Gold Coast Force qualified to be apart of the first Australian Futsal Club Championship. Force went undefeated becoming the first ever champions of the competition.

2020 will be the first time the Force will defend their National Title on home turf.


The Gold Coast Force Womens team was founded in 2018 to enter the QLD Superliga league. After just our first season with a lot of youngsters the women won the league and further represented QLD at the Australian Futsal Club Championship (AFCC) just missing out losing in the semi-final to the later national champions.

In 2019 Gold Coast Force started their first Womens Draft team which play in QLD Superliga.

If you want to try out for the Womens or Draft team, please feel free to get in touch with us.


The Gold Coast Force juniors was created to play and represent Gold Coast in the QLD Superliga league. The juniors were designed to expand Gold Coast Force Futsal into a club growing the next generation of talented futsal players.

Juniors is constantly growing/developing and Force is always looking for new talent to guide through the ranks of futsal.


If your child is interested in being apart of this futsal family, then feel free to get in contact with us.



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